2016 trends in design

Many people ask me to help them design their spaces so they are classic and will never go out of style. That's always a tough one because what constitutes a classic? And is anything really that classic that it doesn't go out of style? Besides, things do wear out and break down, so ultimately things have to change anyway, right?

I look back to those white melamine kitchens with the oak handles at the bottom of each cabinet that seemed so simple it could hardly ever be considered dated... yet years later we are seeing them being ripped out of kitchens across the country.

So what do we do to stay on trend? Keep the big things classic and update the little things before it's 'needed' and change the big things, well, when it is really needed. Anyone have one of those 80s kitchens with broken hinges and nicked counters?... might be time for that big one to change.

For the little, and not so little things, here are some great ideas to help you update your look in 2016.

Here's a great way to update any kitchen - geometrics!

How about adding a new colour to your living room? Here are some upcoming trends - jewel tones back!

As in my last blog entry, extraordinary sized light fixtures are hot - either really big or oddly small.

How about some leggy furniture? All it takes is one new chair in the living room, or bedroom perhaps?

And I'm still loving the busy floor tile to continue a trend.

Tell me, what do you want to see in your homes for 2016?