making the most of a small office

This week my husband and I switched our home offices.  We switched for various reasons, but he had the smaller office and I had the bigger office. It was a huge ordeal as we both had so much stuff tucked away everywhere, not to mention desks that did not fit through the doors so they needed to be dissembled and reassembled. But now here I am settled - with less shelving space, less wall space, less 'wiggle' room... and I love it! I am now more organized, I have less stuff from my purging efforts, and it all feels great. 

As you can see, I have taken to stacking my magazines... but I really should get rid of a few more... do I see one from 2007!?  Do you have a home office or space? How do you organize your things? This move really made me realize how important it is not only for my business, but for my personal affairs as well, to have a well organized space for the paperwork that still seems to abound even in this computer age.

Here are a few great spaces that might inspire you to reorganize your own home offices, and if you don't already have one, perhaps you may be inspired to create a nook for yourself.

Susan AbramsonComment