the new Ikea catalogue

I just got the 2016 Ikea catalogue and for some reason I don't find it as exciting as it used to be. Maybe it's because I'm always so inundated with magazines for work, or because I'm constantly on-line researching new ideas on sites like Pinterest and Houzz. Or can it simply be that I have fallen out of love with Ikea?... I intend to find out.

Many years ago, the Ikea catalogue showing up at my door meant hours of 'me' time, just going through the pages, turning down the corners of the ones I adored and taking note of things I hoped would be in my own home one day. I plan to return to this ritual this year, and I intend to find the excitement again. I'm going to take a break from thinking about what would be great for all my clients, and find something that is totally perfect for me. And I already have to say, on first glance that VARV table lamp seems quite the thing for my office. 

What do you do when the new Ikea catalogue shows up?