marble floors - what?

Marble for floors has been around for a very very long time. But it seems today there are less of us choosing this option because of the other more 'practical' options available. What's more practical? Well porcelain, for example, doesn't scratch and stain like marble. And wood is softer and warmer underfoot and can be refinished more easily. While vinyl is fundamentally waterproof.

So why choose marble? Because it's gorgeous! It has natural movement to it like nothing else. There are all kinds of marble for your floors, and as long as you are OK with the patina of it as it ages, it's a classic look that in my opinion will never go out of style. And while the cost is high, there is a huge range of prices, with many even lower than some porcelain options.

Check out these great examples of marble floor applications and how much it adds to the look of the space. Are you with me on this one?