i have been on Pinterest pretty much since its inception!

I have been pinning to my boards on Pinterest since pretty much the beginning of its inception - for me I started back in early 2011! It has changed since I first started, but I have to say only for the better! I love the way the app reads your likes and desires based on what you pin and then continues to show you only the good stuff... for you! It also tells you if you already pinned something so you don't have duplicates on your boards - what!? And I love that you can now have private boards too!

Do you use Pinterest? What kind of boards do you have?

Here are a bunch of random pins from my boards from years and years ago... that I have to say, I still like! And if you care to follow any of my boards, check them out here to see what I've been up to more recently. To date I am up to over 7700 pins!!! :O I think I'm addicted.

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