small kitchen design

Making the most of a small space for a kitchen is often a daunting task. The kitchen is the hardest working room in a house and it has to be right for the cook that lives there. But that's the key - the "cook that lives there". Every cook has different needs and that is what is crucial in making a small space work. Some people like a long span of counter for food plating and other kitchen tasks, while others want zones for chopping or rolling out dough. And some people need a lot of pantry space, while others might prefer a larger fridge for fresh produce. In a small space you often have to choose.

Making the most of your kitchen space is not about what other people do, but rather what your specific needs are as your home's chef. Below is an array of kitchen ideas that you might want to take note of for your next small kitchen reno - or large kitchen reno for that matter.