desk organizing

Your home desk can be a breeding ground for clutter. It’s just so easy to dump things there, and if you don’t use your desk every day, it’s hard to remember to put those things away where they rightfully belong.

So here are a few quick tips:
Keep one thing on your desk that you love so that the space feels important to you. (Starting with this makes it feel important!)
Keep only one bin/tray for the things you want to get to later - but make sure it’s not too big and you have a set time to attend to it each day or each week.
Have one spot for wires and headphones so that you always know where to find them.
Or in other words - group all similar items together.
Have some ‘open’ space so that even if your desk is full, there is a spot that feels uncluttered. It helps you feel like you have a grasp on things.
Always choose organized over neat if you can’t be both.
And much like the rest of your house, only have things you love or need - but here, mostly need; my first point above says ‘one’ thing.

Here are some great photos on how some others have chosen to stay tidy so you can perhaps steal some great ideas.