a few new Ikea things I quite like

Every now and again I like to take a leisurely stroll through Ikea’s winding maze. It’s a visit where I don’t think about any clients’ needs, but rather just a general gander at all the goodies Ikea has. Today was one of those days and here are some of the things I found and decided to share with you, just because I love them!


This laminate countertop feels great to the touch and looks like concrete! I really love it! Check it out here.


Ikea is showing a lot of pink and colour! This one is really fun and has a pearl-like iridescence. Check it out here.


With this new line, you can make your office function seamlessly, while looking beautiful too. Metal and in the oh so current neutral beige! Here is the full line, which includes other colours too.


The new Nissafors bar cart is easily ‘hacked’ by spray painting it any colour, or adding glass or wood to the shelves as you like. But as is for $36.99, it’s a bargain for inside or even outside. Check it out here.


This new chair has style cred for years to come! With the added cushion, see it here, it’s a comfy chair that adds just the right amount of texture and comfort. In a small space, it can even be your living-room occasional chair!


This standing desk is such a perfect size for a small foyer, or even a corner nook where you want to do a bit of work while standing. The design is incredible with space for wires, odds and ends, and even a spot to put your foot up on. See how versatile it is here.


The ‘Nordli’ is such a clever design and is great for small spaces. What I love most is how the storage cubes can be moved to exactly where you like it best. See how it works here, with drawers underneath too!


You already know the shelving unit with the cubes, so here are just a few new colours for them! Nice for a little change-up, yes? Here is the full range.


Look at the range of colours for these beautiful stains for your unfinished wood pieces. What a treat to have options like this at your fingertips! See what Ikea has to say about it here.


Simple classic glass lamps with a contemporary white shade - makes it easy to decide on since they are just $60 or $90 depending on the size you need. Here are the details.


This jute rug has a special glitter to it made with aluminium! It’s really just the right amount of sparkle. Here are more details on its size and price.