home office storage ideas

Whether you need lots of filing, a place to stack your magazines, or just pretty holders for the little things, what you put into your home office has to be comforting to your eye. Some people do well in all open, messy offices, while others need it all tucked behind closed doors. Whatever your style, keeping things organized is, and always should be, your number one priority. Here are some neat ideas others have used for their personal home office belongings. Go ahead and steal some ideas if you like them. That's what people share for!

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hanging jars - ikea storage - craft-storage-ideas-1009-lg-300x300
stacked magazines - easy-elegance-51
Homes Organsiation Feature: Children's art material in tin cans
hanging baskets - 238844_8911-w394-h394-b0-p0--traditional-home-office
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